HRIS platform for IT and startups

Project goals

Enterprise resource planning is the integrated management of main business processes, often in real-time and mediated by software and technology.

• Rebuild, redesign, and finalize the main version of Tori ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). Rebuild the main core features inside the Tori.

• Provide high-quality UX for all features and additional services.

• Create a scalable interface that can be possible to extend with new features in the future.

• Create own design-system

• Manage team of 4 designers

• Create a new version of the Tori website (web+mob):

• Create a new version of the company's website (web+mob)

What benefits can you get with TORI?

Tori Unites Ten Systems in One. Tori unites your finances, fixed assets, expenses, recruitment, and employee management, and more with the primary goal of presenting to you the real status of your business in real-time so that you could make the right decisions.

Tori will be your digital assistant who works 24/7 and analyses the state of your Finances, Projects, Staff,
and once all your data is digital and in one place, you will get a clear and honest view of your status.

• Saves 80-90% of your weekly time

• Gives you 360 visibility on your staff

• Visibility on the finances of your company

• Allows you to see what is coming soon

Process & solution:

   • Visual design. Based on the renewed brand book was created a design system.

   • Prototyping Interaction

   • Complete UX rework

   • Design improvements based on testing results

   • UI and visual language implementation

   • Managing of design implementation

   • Managing of the design team

   • Short terms

   • Final delivery of the main product (Tori) and 2 websites

Main completed tasks

   • Ready product

   • Fully new reworked UX

   • 2 websites (web+mob)

   • Accessibility adaptation

   • Subscription & Payment system

   • Design system


My team designed and built an all-in-one online ERP solution – Tori. Managing all company processes is challenging. Tori makes it easy.


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HRIS platform for IT and startups
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